Orthodontics and Other Excitement


Hey, guys! Since I last wrote, I’ve been in orthodontics full swing!  I now have braces on my bottom teeth (which, thankfully, you can’t see), and an expander, which causes a gap between my top teeth (which you CAN see ). I’m quite the drama queen, so I think my mom is surprised I haven’t complained more about my braces. Well, truth is, I try to forget about them! But when you have to spend a while brushing your teeth after every meal? NOT fun. I’ve been busy with OTHER things, too, though. I have just begun a series of lessons at church, which will prepare me for baptism later this year. I just started writing a new book, Welcome  to Universe, which is personifying weather types as high school students. I love school when it means reading, writing, history, science, and foreign language (I compare Latin, French, Spanish, and English), but I so don’t like math. I personally know that decimals are important, but will I really need to know order of operations if I’m a writer? I REALLY don’t get math some times. But at least English does (NOT!) make sense. Did you hear? The I before E rule was proved wrong by science! Sorry. Bad pun!  But really, I love to write, act, sing, play piano, read, and learn cheerleading jumps and cheers. I don’t do flips, though. What about you? What is something you know but don’t understand why it’s useful? Please tell us!




Sorry guys! I’ve had a blog for over a year and yet I’ve barely written.This year, I have two main resolutions: Write to you more, and write that novel I’ve been working on. My book is a spy story based off a story series I tell my sisters during our sleepovers. It’s existed since I was eight, due to the fact that I had doodled the numbers 1/0 on a board on my bunk bed during a game and found it as inspiration for a spy code name. Yeah, I’m an oddball. But what matters is that I worked it into an awesome story that my friends and family love. Even if you think I’m some crazy dreamer,I want to be published for REAL by age 16,and that’s what I’ll try to do.I believe that I have the greatest support group ever, and that’s what really counts. Do you have a crazy dream that seems only 1% possible? Tell us what it is!

My Friends Say…

My friends think that I’m creative.I think I’m better at writing than at crafts, so ” imaginative” is my prefered word.  What do your friends say about you? Tell me in the comments or take this poll!

Sorry this post is so short!

Piano and Practice

Hi! For the last 2 years, my sisters and I have been learning piano.  But then, this year, middle C on our piano stopped working right, and because it’s middle C,  we replaced our piano. But before we did, our lessons had not been frequent. So last week we started our lessons again.

Our teacher, our grandmother, is free on Thursday nights, and so are we, most of the time. We take our lessons at either her house or ours, and then we sew.  That’s right!  We all sew, too!  We all enjoy piano practice, but some of us, maybe me especially….OK,OK, I admit, I don’t like that I need so much practice!  My mom says,

“Practice makes PROGRESS , NOT perfection!”

Tonight we have a lesson, and I’m kinda sorta not excited.  But, hey, can you blame me?  I already admitted I am a slight perfectionist.  I’m ready for sewing, though!  By the way, what instrument do you want to play?  I actualy prefer singing to playing an instrument!  Please comment, and thanks for reading!

2018 !!!!!

WOW! It’s already January! I mean, the year passed SO fast! People celebrate a TON of different ways. We tried the saran wrap ball game, and it was SO, SO fun! We thought it was hilarious! If you had only seen my dad’s face when my younger sister got a screw driver, you could picture his face when she gave it to him! Well, some people make new year’s resolutions. Tell me yours! I plan to try a little harder at not getting distracted during school. Also, tell me how YOU celebrate the new year. We did the saran wrap game.  Please comment, and en- joy!

Cookin’ Up Some Imagination!

Hi! My name is Kaley Kriesel,  I am in 6th grade. I’m home schooled and we call our school, Kriesel Academy School for Girls. In case  you can’t pronounce ” Kriesel”,  my granny , a substitute teacher , always says ,” Kriesel rhymes with diesel.”  I live in Moore, Oklahoma. If you saw me on the news in 2013, don’t freak out. I survived the May 20, 2013 tornado. I write a lot, read a lot, and create a lot. I’m always cookin’ up somethin’, whether it’s a new story, a craft, a fun idea, or a  muffin recipe.  So this blog is about the latest kupdates of my creative life.


I don’t know about everyone else, but on my list of favorite holidays, thanksgiving is number 2. [ Christmas is number 1 ] In school we’ve been studying pilgrims, and to say thanks to all of  the brave people who crossed the sea, I wrote a poem.


Many men crossed the sea

For the right to be free

Boys, girls, young, old

We call pilgrims very bold

They set sail on the Mayflower

To escape King James’s power

First to Holland, then a new land

Oh, to follow their own command

Indians came to see their end

But instead became a friend

Now we say that they were brave

For their freedom they did slave

I am thankful for my family, friends, and a nice neighborhood. What are YOU thankful for? Tell me in the comments.